Four takes control
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While the name "Sakolrat Woraurai" is probably unfamiliar to many, the nickname "Four", one half of the duo "Four-Mod", will probably help most people realise who NJ is talking to this issue. A successful singer, Four is now also a poppular actor with her new movie "Dreamteam" hitting screen across the country. So how is life treating her?

Your new movie is about kids. Do you like kids?
Four: Well working with them is fun but I couldn't stay with them all the time. I love playing with kids but I can't live with them for too long. I used to stay with my nephew for a day. It's pretty bad because as an adult you have to dedicate yourself to youngsters, but that's not really for me.

How do you feel about youngsters dropping out of education to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?
Four: Actually, I did it. Handling everything at the same time isn't easy. I used to study and work but i finally decided to quit because i was so tired all the time. Choosing only one priority and doing your best is easiest.

So is it worth losing all your precious school memories?
Four: Yes because I have had the opportunity to meet different kinds of people, live a new lifestyle and make money at the same time. (Smiles)

How do you feel when people criticise Four-Mod's sexy image?
Four: It's only job: this kind of image sells. Sure we could wear overcoats while singing but our CD sales wouldn't be the same. But we know the limit: we are not committing a serious crime. Anyway, our stage outfits are nothing like our daily clothes.

How do you feel about music reality shows?
Four: They work and it gives the audience a chance to see the exhaustive process. People might think we (Four-Mod) came this far just because of our good looks but it's not true. We had to practise so hard, just like the contestants on a reality show.

Would you dare to start a relationship?
Four: Yes. (Laughs) The world is now open wide and many guys just happen to be gay. if I found the right man, why should I let him go? However, it should start from friendship.

Your have admitted that English wasn't your favourite subject, so what would you do if you fell for 'Farang' guy?
Four: I would have to learn sign language. (Laughs) Seriously, if this was the case, I'd have to adjust and so would he. Adaptation is needed for lovers to maintain a relationship but you should not change yourself. I'd never change for anyone.

Are you bored of being asked the same questions again and again?
Four: Sure, but that's a part of my job. I know it's for my own benefit. It's like singing the same songs for years, which I also have to do. I chose this way, so I have to accept the results. That's all.



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