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A few months ago, famous female duo Four Mod were the talk of the town after they appeared to be arguing with each other via Instagram messages. Fortunately, 26-year-old Sakonrat Woraurai (Four) and 21-year-old Napapat Wattanakamonwut (Mod) were able to resolve their differences enough to promote their latest single, "Kon Dee Natee Sood Thay (A Good Person at the Last Minute)."

Aside from their work as a top pop duo, Four has until recently been busy playing a lead role in the TV comedy Mon Rak Talad Sod (Romance in the Fresh Market), while Mod has been acting in the new TV drama, Nong Mia (Sister-in-Law).

Student Weekly recently met up with Four and Mod to chat about their recent showbiz adventures.

Student Weekly: How did you go performing at the Korea and Thailand Love in Asia Multi-Cultural Power Concert in Ansan, South Korea last month?
Mod: The concert was held at a huge football field with a spectacular stage, with both Thai and Korean artists performing. We sang three songs from our latest EP, I Am Four Mod, as well as our chart-topping song, "Dek Mee Panha[Problem Child]," from our third album. There were lots of Thai people in the audience and they sang along with "Problem Child."

Student Weekly: What was Ansan city like?
Mod: It's about a one-hour drive from Seoul and it's similar to the capital. It's a modern city and there were shopping areas right in front of our hotel. We bought lots of cosmetics!

Student Weekly: Apart from shopping and working, what else did you do in Korea?
Four: We went to see the famous martial arts comedy show, Jump. It was hilarious, and Mod developed a crush on one of the performers!
Mod: I just liked his character in the show.[Laughs.] He was a hilarious lunatic on stage. His character had to get drunk before showing his great martial arts skills.

Student Weekly: What was the main idea behind your latest ballad, "A Good Person at the Last Minute"?
Four: We wanted a heartbreaking song that expresses strength, instead of seeming vulnerable like in our previous ballads. We wanted to show that we don't care about breaking up with somebody.

Student Weekly: Did you really cry on the set while making the video for the song?
Four: They wanted us to cry, but we couldn't. Crying for every scene made us look ugly, so we used artificial tears instead. Mod was better at crying than me because my eyes were too dry.

Student Weekly: How did you become love gurus on the YouTube show, Club FM?
Four: Staff from the show saw us chatting with each other and thought our natural personalities were different from our image as Four Mod. They wanted fans to see us in a different way.
Mod: On the show, we answered letters about relationship problems, but we made jokes about them and didn't console anybody. If somebody wanted serious advice, they wouldn't write in to our show.

Student Weekly: Four, how did you feel about performing the traditional form of folk drama, li kae, in Romance in the Fresh Market?
Four: I was taught how to sing li kae by a professional, but it was difficult. I couldn't remember the lyrics and it was hard to sing and dance at the same time.

Student Weekly: Mod, did you enjoy working on your first TV drama?
Mod: I was under pressure because people told me that I had an important role. But after a while, I learned more about acting and felt more relaxed. I tried to become the character and react to different situations in the way that she would.

Student Weekly: What does the duo Four Mod mean to each of you?
Four: Without the two of us, it can't be Four Mod. We're like one person when we work together, and our fans like it like that. They don't want us separate and we're happy the way we are.
Mod: Four Mod is like an equation — if one of us is missing, you can't solve the equation!

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